General care tips for mattress

  • Before first use, each mattress should first be well ventilated. Most new mattresses smell. By intense ventilation, the smell disappears after a few days. Generally, every type of mattress needs regular and type-appropriate care. On average, the mattress absorbs half a liter of moisture per night, which of course speeds up mite and mold formation. Therefore, the bedroom should be aired extensively every day while the covers are repelled.
  • At certain intervals, each mattress should be turned and rotated. This applies equally to mattresses made of foam as well as mattresses with a spring core. In the early days after purchase, each mattress should be turned and rotated every 4 to a maximum of 6 weeks.
  • After about one year this is enough every 6 to a maximum of 8 weeks. Natural fiber mattresses with a coconut core should be rotated at least once a month. This is the only way to prevent the formation of pits. The mattresses are better not only one-sided rotated. But you have to make sure that the zones in the foot and head are identical.
  • When turning must also be taken to ensure that the respective properties of the mattress are retained. Many models have reversible loops and are therefore easy to turn and turn. Regular cleaning of the mattress is also important. The best way to vacuum the mattress is with every turning and turning process.
  • This will remove dander, dirt, and mites. From time to time, the mattress should also be cleaned with a very soft brush. Most covers are machines could be washed thereby at a maximum of 60 degrees. Mattress covers with a quilted sheep’s wool should not be washed because they can become matted or even clump together. Excessive temperatures can cause damage to any mattress. Therefore, should be dispensed with the direct sun contact and too hot water bottles. Bedspreads look nice, but should not be used.
  • These prevent the moisture from drying out undisturbed. If mattresses are maintained regularly and above all correctly, the owners benefit from a long service life. With regard to the durability and service life of a mattress, care should also be taken to ensure a suitable slatted base.

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