Children’s mattresses – small mattress, big differences:

For those who are looking for a good night’s sleep for their darlings, they cannot help but wonder: which mattress for children is good? With the large variety of mattresses, it is often not easy to find your way around and to find the right mattress for the nursery and for children’s beds. Many children’s mattresses are classic comfort or cold fluff mattresses. The advantage of mattresses made of cold fluff is that cold fluff is very permeable to air and suitable for allergy sufferers. However, the trend today clearly goes to natural latex mattresses, or children’s mattresses, which consist of a mixture, that is, of different layers of natural rubber and coconut rubber. Coconut rubber has the advantage that it is firm, but still springs and is also extremely breathable.

The lying properties of such mattresses are ideal for children. In contrast, a mattress made of natural latex / natural rubber is very point elastic and somewhat softer. With reversible mattresses, such as the children’s mattress Lara Plus, you can turn the mattresses, depending on the growth phase or preference of the child, the mattress grows with and adapts to the changing needs of the child. Thus, the mattress can be suitable only for a baby and later for a child. The mattress is almost the baby mattress for children’s mattress.

What to look for in a children’s mattress:

  • point elasticity
  • good body support
  • not too soft
  • breathable
  • washable cover
  • possibly a step edge

Especially infant mattresses for infants or babies often have a tighter edge, so that the foot may not get stuck between mattress and bars when raging. The aspect of ventilation or ventilation is also important, not only because of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). The three-dimensional nub profiles ensure that enough air circulates under the baby’s mattress cover so that the child can breathe well even when lying prone. Check out our best collection of mattress sale Portland or.

Children often sweat a lot, because their body can not compensate for high heat or temperature fluctuations so well. Therefore, climate-regulating substances are often processed in baby and child mattresses. This includes sheep’s wool, which usually comes from controlled biological animal husbandry. Virgin wool has a natural climate regulation.

Which slatted frames fit the cold fluff mattress?

Which slatted frames fit the cold fluff mattress?

Slatted frames have to be adjusted to mattress and bed to complete the sleep system. For cold fluff mattresses, it is the plate slat. In such a slat, there are individual plate elements that can be adjusted individually in their strength. A big advantage of plate slat gratings is that they are very flexible compared to the classic slatted frame, which means that slatted plate slats are very point elastic. This feature makes plate slatted frames ideal as support for cold fluff mattresses or Visco mattresses. Plate slatted frames are available in many different sizes, for example, the standard length 200 cm or the slatted frame XXL with 220 cm. For classic double beds with a width of 180 cm and 200 to 220 cm in length, two plate slatted frames 90×200 cm are ideal.

Which are the best mattresses?

Which mattress is the best for a healthy, restful sleep cannot be answered flat-rate. For example, regularly checks mattresses and approaches the question of which mattress type promises good or even optimum comfort for whom, via a typology. This distinction of H-types (large, compact stature), E-types (rather large, normal to slim stature), I-types (rather small to medium-sized, slim stature) and A-types (rather small to medium Stature) tries to define different body shapes and derives there from, to formulate the requirement for a well-fitting mattress with regard to lying areas, degree of hardness, lying comfort (core) and sleeping climate.  Buy best Adjustable Beds Scottsdale now.

Relevant for good sleep – the right degree of hardness

Incidentally, this also applies to the degree of hardness, because apart from mattresses for special target groups, such as children, allergy sufferers, etc., which are tailored to a particular material selection or shape, mattresses are always suitable for all. This also means that the same (comfort foam, cold fluff mattress, etc.) is suitable for both low and high body weight. However, tests show that persons with higher body weight prefer mattresses with a higher degree of hardness (i.e., hardness grade II or III) to a mattress, which is often only very soft.