What do overweight people have to pay attention to when it comes to mattresses?

And so that they do not worry even for a restless night, overweight should pay attention to a mattress suitable for them. On the one hand, this must be particularly stable, but also pressure-relieving. Obese people may experience ulcers when using a false, too-hard mattress. If the underlay is too soft and there is no adequate supporting force, it may lead to incorrect storage of the body, poor blood circulation and tension.

What do overweight people have to pay attention to when it comes to mattresses?

Most traders offer hardness 4 from a body dish of 100 kg, hardness 5 then for a weight up to 160 kg. However, the degree of hardness is not uniform. There can be deviations for every manufacturer. That’s why you should always try. Because the problem with the standardized Kg specifications is unfortunately that not always a harder mattress brings the heavyweight people a better night’s sleep. Especially people with a few kilos more are also more sensitive to pressure. Your increased weight can create pressure ulcers.

What properties should mattresses have for overweight people?

Overweight people not only weigh more kilos, but they also need more space in their bed. Therefore, there are special sizes for them. Most retailers have these in stock all the time and the customer usually does not need to pay extra. The mattress height is crucial for overweight because they need more space to sink. 23 cm height is, therefore, a minimum. Wide sidebars are important for perfect stabilization. Buy best houston mattresses from Amerisleep.

In which overlength are mattresses available?

In contrast to conventional mattresses, XXL mattresses differ in that they have a harder degree of hardness to withstand the weight lying on top.

The robust mattresses nevertheless have a division into the individual comfort zones, in order to guarantee optimal lying comfort. XXL mattresses are available in lengths between 190 cm and 220 cm. The widths vary between 80 cm and 200 cm. Some manufacturers even offer compact mattresses with a size of 200 x 200 cm.