What to look for when buying the latex mattress?

Hardness: A latex mattress has a different degree of hardness. The higher the degree of hardness, the more resistant the mattress is to loads. The degree of hardness that best suits depends on your height, body weight and sleeping habits. Potential buyers can choose between H2 (soft), H3 (medium) and H3 (hard).

Mattress height: In addition to the mattress size and the height plays an important role in the purchase. Generally, a distinction is made between the total height of the mattress and the height of the mattress core. The heavier and wider the man, the higher the mattress should be. In the latex, mattresses are offered with a total height of 14 to 25 cm. The higher the core, the better he can react to pressure. An optimal core height is given if the body does not sink into the mattress and is supported in different places. Depending on body weight, the core height should be between 14 and 19 cm.

Density: Density is the most important measure of longevity and quality of the latex mattress. In the market, mattresses with a density of 70 to 90 are offered. This value can be calculated by dividing the weight of the mattress by the dimensions. The higher the density, the more durable and high quality is a mattress.

Compressive hardness: The compressive strength is the pressure required to depress a foam ingot by up to 40 percent. The lower the hardness, the softer the foam. This designation is not used in pure latex mattresses, but only in cold fluff mattresses and mixed forms.

Removable cover: Most latex mattresses have a removable cover. Potential buyers should also be aware of these. The cover can thus be cleaned without problems in the washing machine.

Mattress core: A mattress core made of a natural latex has a higher point elasticity than a latex mattress with a synthetic core. This allows the mattress to adapt better to the body and to the slatted frame.

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